Dr. Nguyen works in General Psychiatry and also has a special interest in PTSD, War Veterans and Workcover Psychiatry

Inpatient Services

Dr. Nguyen currently visits the following hospitals and sees inpatients at:

- St John of God, Richmond

- South Pacific Private Hospital

- The Hills Private Hospital

Outpatient Services

Dr. Nguyen sees outpatients at:

- Medical Centre, St John of God, Richmond

177 Grose Vale Road, North Richmond, NSW 2754

Tues 9– 4pm

Phone: 02-4570 6200

- Suite 8, The Hills Private Hospital

499 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

Wed 9-12pm, Fri 9-12pm

Phone: 02-9686 0700

- Ross Street Consulting Rooms

29 Ross Street,

Parramatta, NSW, 2150

Monday 10-2pm

Ph: 02-9683 3244


If you have been referred by your G.P or specialist under Workcover, please tell the receptionist as we will need to request approval from your insurer before the initial consultation

Outpatient Appointments

If you have not seen Dr. Nguyen before, you will require a referral from your G.P. Please ring:

1. The Medical Centre, St John of God, Richmond (Ph: 02-4570 6200)

2. The Consulting Rooms, The Hills Private Hospital (Ph: 02-9686 0700)

3. Ross Street Consulting Rooms (Ph: 02-9683 2137) for an appointment

Inpatient admissions

If you require admission at the hospitals that Dr. Nguyen visits, please ring the admissions officer at the hospital below. If you have been an inpatient before, please tell the admissions officer this.

- St John of God, Richmond admissions. Phone: 02-4570 6173

- The Hills Private Hospital. Phone: 02-9639 3333 and ask to speak to mental health admissions

- South Private Hospital. Ph: 1800 063 332 and ask to speak to admissions